Jason’s natural organizational intuitiveness was a major plus when he landed the
job at NS Wash Systems as their Advertising Manager. He was initially hired to maintain and update the company’s car wash equipment sales materials and signage.
However, Jason discovered his main job was conducting quite a few major car wash equipment trade shows throughout the USA. Without a SOP and only a couple of months before the first trade show, Jason had to act fast and design the floor layout, authorize construction of the items to be showcased at the show, as well as manage the site during before, during and at teardown.

Bottom line, this example shows Jason is really and willing to do what it takes
to get the job done, be it designing graphic themes or original and branded
packaging for your company. He has the real life experiences handling the creative process and keeping job tasks on track from start to finish. Though Jason thrives
on collaborating with others, he doesn’t have to have his hand held during the
creative and production process.

Jason offers more than creating something visual. He offers his ability to anticipate the needs of a project to get the job done.

jason steele

Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Jason was always drawing or building something from his imagination. By ten years of age, he understood perspective and couldn’t stop drawing elaborately adorned buildings he dreamed of seeing in the future.

By his mid-twenties, Jason said good-bye to the mid-west winters

and landed himself in sunny California via a sojourn through Mexico.

He hasn’t looked back since. As the job scene ebbed and flowed over time, Jason began to accumulate a repertoire of graphic design experiences and technical skills that hasn't stopped to this day. He has always been eager to learn something new
no matter where his creative adventures took him.

The most valuable skill he developed over his career as a graphic and packaging designer, was the ability to anticipate the needs of a task from start to finish.
When procedures aren’t in place, he trusts his experiences to establish a job flow that is compatible and productive with the creative process, leading to a very successful completion.